"Develop your Character, Transform your Life"

The “Champion of the Power of Character”will help you refresh your life, business, and community. My purpose is to help develop a culture where CHARACTER is more valuable than Currency; where people let
CHARACTER principles determine their philosophies which will lead to a life of Excellence and Prosperity.

"Who you are is what you value."

I believe character is the absolute key to excellence and prosperity. I encourage all women to rethink who you are and stop putting what you do before what you value. Your values become your character.  It is time to:
  • Be clear about what you value. 
  • Discover what you value. 
  • Define what you value. 
  • Embrace what you value.
  • Embody your values.

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Customers Reviews

We need more people like Renee in this world! Thank you for being you Renée Brown and inspiring others to build character and a better mindset! love to see this!
Meghan Duncan
Thank you for Encouraging my son...he said he met you at Walmart and you really gave him some Encouraging Words. His Name is Kendall....God Bless You !!!!!
Debbie Henderson!
“Renée is a great speaker! She can deliver a very serious message with humor and sensitivity. I think this woman is going to make a difference not only here in Arkansas, but all over the world.”
Jacqueline Cheek
Renée has a powerful way of pulling the listener in to her story. She takes ideas and makes them personal and relevant while also entertaining her audience!”
Melanie Thornton
Renee has the power to make you feel that you can turn the unbearable pain into bearable pain. She has the power to make you see that you can still go on and be a strong woman even in the midst of loss, pain and hardship. Renee's ability to intertwine her personal experiences and life challenges with a very elegant sense of humor is impeccable"
Stella S.
Excellent presentation! Very inspiring and balanced. I like many of the quotes and concepts some of which include: Set backs can be ones biggest set ups! Biggest challenge can lead to best opportunity! Biggest challenge affords space to recalibrate! There is power in character!"
"An amazing inspiring talk! Very empowering and hit too close to home for me.